Kennington By-Election – Thursday 25th October 2018

IAN ANDERSON                                             Ashford Independent Candidate 

Who am I?

Ian has lived with his wife in Ashford Borough for 35 years. Ian owns and operates his own Consulting Engineering business in Bethersden, specialising in drainage and water resources. Much of his work has been in the international arena but he also assists local communities in which he has always taken a keen interest. He helps to promote and secure what is best for the community.

Ian currently acts as a voice for residents of Bethersden and Chilmington Green and provides expert advice to Shadoxhurst and Hamstreet to ensure that prior consideration is given to guarantee adequate infrastructure consideration, such as flood control, good drainage, is given to all developments. Large-scale developments must manage not only for their own flood water runoff, but also consider the impact in and out of adjoining areas – sadly this is often overlooked.

These are key considerations for residents in Kennington given the planned proposed developments in this area and neighbouring areas.

  1. Ashford Independent and Ian
  • Ian is familiar with key issues and challenges facing Kennington residents as Ian has been following them closely through regular meetings with Cllr Winston Michael (Ashford Independent, Boughton Aluph and Eastwell).
  • Ian believes that he has the skills and knowledge to represent the concerns and aspirations for Kennington residents.
  • Ian feels passionately that so much uniquely beautiful and productive farmland should not be sacrificed in the race to build houses.
  • Equally Ian feels deeply that urban areas such as Kennington Conservation area and surrounding green spaces with special landscapes are precious and must be kept.
  • Ian is already working with communities and demonstrating that he puts resident issues first and foremost.
  • A can-do attitude is fundamental to his thinking and he never shirks to tackle thorny issues to get the right result.
  • Listening is high on his agenda and something that he considers is vital to properly representing residents.
  • Ian will always provide a quick response on matters raised by the residents.

How does Ian support the Communities?

  • Ian has championed local communities that can benefit from his expertise especially challenging the technical basis of problems associated with inappropriate and sizeable new developments.
  • Trying to ensure that all developments are GOOD and overcome the lack of affordable housing for those who work locally in both Urban and associated rural communities.
  • Ensuring adequate attention is paid to improving Urban and other infrastructure that serves these communities.
  • Ian wants to help them to democratically express their views.

As a Bethersden Parish Councillor Ian has contributed materially to local Parish affairs to ensure that drainage, Highways and land management concerns are raised and resolved. This has taught him to effectively engage local government on behalf of the residents.

Spring Supper with the Mayor

22 Ashford Independent members joined the Spring Supper in April and enjoyed a delicious meal at the Kings Head, Shadoxhurst. The Mayor, Winston Michael regaled the group  with stories from his exciting year as Mayor. 

Cllr Winston Michael – Former Major of Ashford raised £55,157  a record sum for the Mayor’s Charities including:

  • Wyvern School Foundation
  • Uprising Youth Projects




A parachute jump from 15k feet over Hampshire with 4 young people generated funds to buy a new school bus for the Wyvern School Ashford, named the Dream Maker. 

Other fund raising activities generated funds to buy a Panna Football Cage to take out and have fun in young peoples own backyards and build a huge patio area for children at the Stanhope Community Hub.
Winston is passionate about helping all young people regardless of their personal circumstances as you can read. And he has projects on the go for rough sleepers and the homeless, and the possibility of a cycle ride to Ashford twin Town Fougeres accompanied by disabled children.

Borough Council Election 7 May 2015

Congratulations to Noel Ovenden and Winston Michael were both re-elected in their Wards.


CHILTON, Jayne Labour Party 142
DOVE, Stuart James Liberal Democrats – Stronger Economy Fairer Society 71
HOWARD, Alex The Conservative Party Candidate 402
NEWILL, Alan William Edward UK Independence Party (UKIP) 126
OVENDEN, Noel Ashford Independent 651 (E)
Turnout: 74.91%

Boughton Aluph & Eastwell

BUNN, Len The Conservative Party Candidate 465
MICHAEL, Winston Russel Ashford Independent 895 (E)
MICKLEWRIGHT, Len Liberal Democrats – Stronger Economy Fairer Society 64
BULLEY, Ryan Labour Party 158
Turnout: 65.52%

Following the Election Independent Cllr David Smith (South Willesborough) having shown interest was invited to join the Ashford Independents, bringing the Councillor group to three.

Ex-Cllr Peter Davison has resigned from the position of Party Leader and becomes Chairman of the Ashford Independent Association. Ex-Cllr and past Mayor Mrs Palma Laughton MBE becomes President of the AIA following the retirement of Mrs Betty Turner, wife of ex-Cllr and past Mayor Gordon Turner.

Chilmington Green – sample letter of objection to the building development

Mock Lane, Chilmington – the future view
Chilmington Green Urban Extension Landscape and Visual Impact Assessment, Sept 2014. Turkington Martin

.View Sample of Objection here

Ashford Borough Council Revision to Local Plan

New housing numbers a done deal and the potential for even more housing

A report from Cllr Winston Michael, Ashford Independent

Every 5 years the Ashford Borough Local Plan has to go through a review and so the 2006 Local Plan known as the Core Strategy needs revision.

The current revision has resulted in Ashford Borough Council looking to add some 4000 homes to what remains undelivered in the 2006 Local Plan. With a 5-yearly revision and a Council with a voracious appetite for many more houses no matter what the consequences, residents continue to face unacceptable uncertainty about the countryside and their quality of life. Since 2011 Councillor Winston Michael has represented Ashford Independent Party on the Planning Task Group Committee during which time he has vehemently opposed more housing on the grounds of sustainability and an unsound stated need.

Ashford Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) conducted by consultants
G L Hearn proclaims a need for circa 720-730 homes per annum. This number is based on demographics and inward migration to Ashford, with 42% expected from natural resident growth and 58% to people relocating to Ashford, thought to be predominantly commuters. This implies only 306 homes are necessary to serve local natural population growth and economic growth.

The net inward migration figure is justified on the grounds of past relocations to Ashford but no analysis is given to support as to why people come to Ashford. Official reports point to the much lower cost of housing, fast train service to London, and available housing supply. Homes in and around London are very expensive and buying a home in Ashford releases equity and reduces mortgage payments for Londoners. The past large inward migration was certainly not through an economic boom in Ashford drawing in workers because business / employment figures do not support. To justify the 58% it is stated the National Planning Policy Framework (NPPF) would not allow a reduction in net inward migration but this is questionable.

The NPPF Guidance notes allow for adjustments to overall housing number where migration levels may be affected by changes in employment growth, a one-off large employer moving in or out of the area, or large housing development such as an urban extension in the previous five years, etc. In Ashford’s case an adjustment can be made since previous inward migration is distorted by high speed trains to London, lower house prices, and housing availability; and not because of increased economic activity. So a reduced inward migration figure can be supported.

In 2011 ABC commissioned G L Hearn to produce an Employment Options Report (EOR) with Cambridge Econometrics (CE) providing the data and modelling. The report projected growth scenarios from cautious to highly optimistic and the conclusion leaned toward medium growth. A handful of Councillors including Ashford Independent Councillor Winston Michael challenged because the data was suspect and the method to extrapolate statistics beyond 2021 (the Government statistics end date) to 2030 was questionable.

Following the EOR, ABC commissioned G L Hearn to produce the Ashford Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) as demanded by the NPPF. Since November 2013 when the headline numbers were revealed to Councillors, Ashford Independent Councillor Winston Michael sought details of the underlying data, and sight was given at the end of February 2014.

The SHMA dropped the previously agreed jobs led approach in favour of a demographic and migration approach. This statement appears to be contradictory since the SHMA uses the CE data model to make comparisons as a balance and check. The SHMA looked at similar scenarios to that of the EOR, introducing Government Sub-National Population Projections (SNNP) data into a G L Hearn model. The finding leaned toward SNPP data / G L Hearn modelling even though this is based on pre-census data, went no further than 2021, and required manual intervention to extend to 2030.

In the meantime CE had updated their data model in 2013 with the 2011 Census data and latest economic forecast. This later CE data model revised downward their previous projection for Ashford and the stated need was now 518 homes per annum. Amazingly G L Hearn settled on 726 homes per annum a number based on pre census data, and to justify this number comparison was made against the CE 735 homes per annum projection that was based on old data and not the new CE data model which came out with a need of 518 homes per annum. Needless to say Ashford Independent Councillor Winston Michael challenged the report’s inconsistencies and inaccuracies.

More recently G L Hearn decided to update their data model with 2011 Census data and this came out with a marginally higher housing number per annum.

In summary circa 730 homes per annum is the stated Ashford need but by removing the 58% for net inward migration 306 homes per annum is the demand for growth of local demographics and economy. The latest CE data model projection that Ashford needs 518 homes per annum is 212 homes more and is sufficient to cater for a reasonable level of migration. AI Councillor Winston Michael supports 518 homes per annum and as a lone voice voted against the higher number at the Planning Task Group meeting. Given the present Local Plan has 9700 homes that could be delivered during the planning period, 518 homes per annum represents a 19 year supply that takes us to 2030, so no further land is really necessary.

The overall housing number may be added to because of the NPPF duty to cooperate policy. This requires Ashford to provide for any land shortfall in housing need by surrounding districts. For example if Canterbury show a need for 20k homes but has land for only 15k then it can ask Ashford to provide land for 5k homes, and Ashford would need to provide evidence it is unable to service this need. Ashford call for land yielded over 200 site submissions containing in excess of 22k homes. The overall housing number circa 730 per annum equates to 13870 houses for the period 2011 to 2030 but within the current Local Plan 9700 of these houses could be delivered by 2030 and so Ashford has to find additional land for 4000 homes. With land submissions containing 22k homes and only 4000 homes required this could expose Ashford to the duty to cooperate. Already there is a shortfall at Hastings which has a remote possibility of hitting Ashford.

Ashford Independent Councillor Winston Michael thinks there may be a time bomb lurking in the Local Plan under the guise of “an area of strategic development”. At Council he sought an answer and is waiting a reply. The question is whether designating an area as strategic development would open it to more development than identified in the Local Plan and whether the designation makes it difficult to challenge. So the one to watch and fight are these designations because they could lead to further Chilmington Green time bombs.

Cllr Peter Davison, Leader Ashford Independent Party, comments:

Cllr Winston Michael is the Ashford Independent Party representative on the Ashford Borough Council Planning Task Group. The Manifesto of the AI Party, its election platform, seeks to protect our environment and ecology in the areas of natural beauty around Ashford and opposes large building developments on greenfield sites and urban extensions where there is no need for them and there is strong opposition from residents.

Wye By-Election Results 6 March 2014

Congratulations to Noel Ovenden who was elected Borough Councillor for Wye at the By-Election on 6 March.

The results were as follows:

Candidate Party Number of votes
BLANSHARD, Kenneth Liberal Democrats 13
COOLING, Ian Conservative Party 240
EVANS, Elaine UKIP 97
JONES, Dylan Labour Party 22
MEADEN, Geoffrey Green Party 55
OVENDEN, Noel Ashford Independent 323 ‘Duly Elected’
Wye Ward electorate 1,833 Votes cast 750 Turnout 41%

Wye By-Election 6 March 2014

Our Candidate, Noel Ovenden’s election flyer.


Press Coverage of the Wye By-Election

Canvassing of residents is revealing strong support for Noel.


KE Wye by-election

A Supporter Comments

On hearing that Noel Ovenden will be the Ashford Independent candidate, a local resident put the following comment on his website Sustainability in Wye (

‘Following Steve Wright’s resignation as borough councillor, there is to be a by-election in Wye with Hinxhill on Thursday March 6.

Usually I keep the colour of my vote close to my chest but I’m not going to on this occasion.

I, like everyone on the parish council, feels the need for someone to represent the parish who is up-to-date with current negotiations with Imperial College over Wye3, and who also has an awareness of the many other thorny issues in the parish: the Neighbourhood Plan; the developments at Naccolt, Willesborough and Conningbrook; the construction of the MUGA; the complicated interaction between the Parish Council and the charitable organisations in the village; not forgetting traffic, level-crossing, network rail.

We need someone who is not just aware of these issues but also has the necessary skills to seek support and resolution at borough level.

I have no doubt that Noel Ovenden who is standing for the Ashford Independent Party will be extremely good at this. He has scarcely missed a parish council meeting, has done much to put the pc’s affairs in order over the past 14 months, and has been a good deputy chair since the last AGM. He is methodical, financially astute, and has a good grasp of what makes people tick. I have also very much enjoyed working with him.

Noel is standing for the Ashford Independent Party – a party set up by former Tory Peter Davison which believes that there is no place for national party politics in local elections. I couldn’t agree more.

With members free to speak their minds, it is no surprise that the ‘party’ is united against over-development. Many of their councillors’ constituencies are after all the targets of developers.

Surely, given the current situation in Wye, we could do with their support?
I have yet to hear of others who are standing for election, and will publish details when I hear of them. However I’m 99% certain that my vote will go to Noel.