Ashford Independents biggest winners in Ashford Borough Election 2019!

With our intense focus on local issues it was a rather strange feeling to see BBC News announce our success in the Ashford Borough Council Elections last week – telling the world that the Independents had slashed the Tory majority.

Eleven of our fifteen candidates were duly elected to represent their Wards. The trend was repeated across the country in an exciting day for those standing to make a difference in Local Politics.

The Tories still have a majority in Ashford, but it is significantly reduced after losing 13 seats.  Altogether the other parties elected now hold 21 seats between them, with the Conservative Party holding 26. The BBC stated “ The party’s hold on the Borough Council, which has been subject to boundary changes, has been loosened, largely by independents.”

Through your support, we have achieved our goal in this Election.  We are now an opposition force in Ashford Borough Council, which has been driven by the Big Party Machine for far too long. For many years people have been telling us that their Council does not listen – well, now, in nine Wards at least, your representative is on the ground and ready to do just that.  Ashford Independents is a group of local residents who feel that Local decisions should be made democratically by local people, not to support national party policies – but to meet the needs of our community, our families and their future needs, first and foremost. We will be working to achieve this over the next four years – after which you will be able to judge whether you can feel the difference and vote accordingly.

We are grateful for the chance you have given us and look forward to the challenges that will undoubtedly lie ahead.

Noel Ovenden.