Housing and Job Numbers in the Borough
A review by Cllr Winston Michael

Since starting the Economic Review last year the economic outlook has seriously deteriorated and continues to get worse with no end in sight. It seems reasonable for me to think therefore that the G L Hearn figures should be re-worked given the dramatic economic turn of events since the Report was commissioned.

I am a passionate believer in sustainable growth for Ashford and all that this may imply. The Economic Review which covers the Town Centre in my view is the single most important matter currently before Council and because of this I give it my undivided attention.

The statistics and conclusions presented by the G L Hearn Report are wrongly geared toward huge numbers of new homes. Residents are being given a choice between high levels of housing that has no synergy with the post recession years and present day economic reality; with the lowest option open to residents who express a preference already exceeding current build levels by some degree.

The paper sets out what I think to be the shortcomings of a now outdated Report; and what I see should be advocated for Ashford’s sustainable growth. It is lengthy so I thank you in advance for your attention and I hope it will stimulate a useful debate.

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