2020 Park Farm North By-election

Trish Cornish

Park Farm North By-election candidate

Moving to Park Farm in 2016, after living in Challock Lees and Kennington, I discovered a close knit community of truly neighbourly people and a pleasant, mostly quiet and safe area in which to enjoy life.

My adult children both live in Ashford with their families, so I relate to the needs of young families. Over the years I have watched the town changing and felt the strain on our infrastructure and services. Like everywhere else in the Borough, Park Farm residents feel the repercussions of planning policy on the vicinity so, with your support, I would like to represent our area in the Council debates that affect us.

Pride in our neighbourhood, love of team

I walk my dog around our community every day and love the park, the canal and meeting up with fellow dog walkers. I am proud to live on Park Farm and get frustrated with any irresponsible dog owners or careless litter-droppers who
spoil our community.

I love sport, both as a participant and a spectator, for the self belief, team work and fitness it encourages. I have been a member of the Lord’s Taverners charity for twenty five years. It is the UK’s leading youth cricket and disability charity, whose raised funds have, since 1972, provided over 1200 minibuses for schools and associations looking after young people with learning disabilities. It is a cause that is close to my heart.

Available and doing things for the community

I believe that we would all benefi t from having an outspoken, confi dent resident, with a very strong sense of justice, to represent us in the Borough Council.

Your concerns are mine too; I lobbied to reduce anti-social parking by large white vans around our roads and have raised concerns about overcrowded and neglected rental houses. Like you, my broadband is notoriously slow and my mobile signal unstable – so I’ve been pushing O2 and repeated complaint has escalated the issue to the attention of Ofcom, the telephone regulator. I’ll keep on the case! I contacted our previous Borough Councillor several times but received a vague response, if at all, so I stepped up as a resident because these things needed fi xing. If your own experience of career politicians refl ects mine, I’m hoping that you’ll be in the mood for an alternative choice to represent Park Farm North in Ashford Borough Council.

Standing for Local People not national party politics

Ashford Independents are all local people with a drive to make a difference to their community. This growing opposition group represent resident opinion and are dedicated to putting people first. Vote for me to add Park Farm North to the list of areas with an Ashford Independent voice!