Tories Struggle to hold seat in Kennington By- Election

20 votes short of a win for Ashford Independents

After a well fought campaign in Kennington AI candidate Ian Anderson fell just 20 votes short of gaining the seat.

Peter Davison, Chairman of the Ashford Independent Association said:

“Thank you to all those who helped in the Kennington by-election for the well-planned and well-executed campaign.  The AIP easily beat Labour and the Greens but lost out by the small margin of 20 votes to the Conservatives.  The AIP were only given short notice by ABC of the by-election, we had no candidate at the time and three key people were to be away on holiday during the campaign period.  Our relative success was largely due to Ian Anderson, our candidate, who spared no effort in driving forward the campaign on all fronts. In the circumstances our result is spectacular.”