Local elections 6th May 2021 – what they mean for Ashford

 As the leaflets start to flow through your letter boxes you will have noticed that it’s election time          ( again)….

In our area you will be voting to elect our representatives on Kent County Council.  Ashford Borough has 7 KCC Wards. You can see which one your home is in, in the map below.  

Candidates for each of the Ashford KCC Wards are now published on the Kent County Council website

From time to time Ashford Independents field candidates for KCC. This time though, we have decided that we need to concentrate our efforts  on our work in Ashford Borough Council. There is much to do as society slowly returns to ‘normal’ ( whatever that is now).  We will continue to voice your issues and concerns, to work to address the problems you bring to us and to help shape a community of which we can all be proud.  

When you talk to us about the areas that are covered by Kent County Council; the state of the roads    (we know!), schools and health service, we will work with whoever you elect.  We wish all  Ashford KCC candidates well.