Kennington Councillor Pledge to Disregard Tory Party Affiliation

The new ABC Councillor for Kennington has pledged to ignore his affiliation to the Conservative party. In speaking to reporter Charlie Harman from the Kentish Express, newly elected Nathan Iliffe said “I will stand up for Kennington, I believe that is the real way a councillor works regardless of party affiliation

Perhaps Cllr Iliffe should come and join us at Ashford Independents, as we share the firm believe there is NO place for national party politics in local government. Local people should always be the priority in the decision making process.

So, Mr Iliffe, should you come knocking, our door is always open!

Tories Struggle to hold seat in Kennington By- Election

20 votes short of a win for Ashford Independents

After a well fought campaign in Kennington AI candidate Ian Anderson fell just 20 votes short of gaining the seat.

Peter Davison, Chairman of the Ashford Independent Association said:

“Thank you to all those who helped in the Kennington by-election for the well-planned and well-executed campaign.  The AIP easily beat Labour and the Greens but lost out by the small margin of 20 votes to the Conservatives.  The AIP were only given short notice by ABC of the by-election, we had no candidate at the time and three key people were to be away on holiday during the campaign period.  Our relative success was largely due to Ian Anderson, our candidate, who spared no effort in driving forward the campaign on all fronts. In the circumstances our result is spectacular.”


Quinn Estates donate £25,000 to Conservative party


Donation Search on the Electoral Commission Website

A quick search on the Electoral Commission website reveals donations from Quinn Estates Limited to the Conservative Party totalling over £25,000.

Below is an article published on The Canary Website – an independent media site, highlighting the shocking statistics of Developer donations to Political groups.

Read the full article from  below …..

(The Ashford Independent Party does not guarantee the accuracy of content carried by 3rd party websites)

By- Election Posters are UP!!

A huge thanks to Ashford Independent supporters who are sporting Ian’s posters.

A drive around the Kennington Ward quickly revealed the huge support that Ian is receiving from Kennington residents.

With over 1000 leaflets delivered the huge task of visiting every resident has begun in earnest. Ian has been out every day, joined by AIP Councillors and members.

On the doorstep, more and more disgruntled voters are resonating with our non-politically motivated approach where local people are put before national party politics.

Kennington By-Election – Thursday 25th October 2018

IAN ANDERSON                                             Ashford Independent Candidate 

Who am I?

Ian has lived with his wife in Ashford Borough for 35 years. Ian owns and operates his own Consulting Engineering business in Bethersden, specialising in drainage and water resources. Much of his work has been in the international arena but he also assists local communities in which he has always taken a keen interest. He helps to promote and secure what is best for the community.

Ian currently acts as a voice for residents of Bethersden and Chilmington Green and provides expert advice to Shadoxhurst and Hamstreet to ensure that prior consideration is given to guarantee adequate infrastructure consideration, such as flood control, good drainage, is given to all developments. Large-scale developments must manage not only for their own flood water runoff, but also consider the impact in and out of adjoining areas – sadly this is often overlooked.

These are key considerations for residents in Kennington given the planned proposed developments in this area and neighbouring areas.

  1. Ashford Independent and Ian
  • Ian is familiar with key issues and challenges facing Kennington residents as Ian has been following them closely through regular meetings with Cllr Winston Michael (Ashford Independent, Boughton Aluph and Eastwell).
  • Ian believes that he has the skills and knowledge to represent the concerns and aspirations for Kennington residents.
  • Ian feels passionately that so much uniquely beautiful and productive farmland should not be sacrificed in the race to build houses.
  • Equally Ian feels deeply that urban areas such as Kennington Conservation area and surrounding green spaces with special landscapes are precious and must be kept.
  • Ian is already working with communities and demonstrating that he puts resident issues first and foremost.
  • A can-do attitude is fundamental to his thinking and he never shirks to tackle thorny issues to get the right result.
  • Listening is high on his agenda and something that he considers is vital to properly representing residents.
  • Ian will always provide a quick response on matters raised by the residents.

How does Ian support the Communities?

  • Ian has championed local communities that can benefit from his expertise especially challenging the technical basis of problems associated with inappropriate and sizeable new developments.
  • Trying to ensure that all developments are GOOD and overcome the lack of affordable housing for those who work locally in both Urban and associated rural communities.
  • Ensuring adequate attention is paid to improving Urban and other infrastructure that serves these communities.
  • Ian wants to help them to democratically express their views.

As a Bethersden Parish Councillor Ian has contributed materially to local Parish affairs to ensure that drainage, Highways and land management concerns are raised and resolved. This has taught him to effectively engage local government on behalf of the residents.

Spring Supper with the Mayor

22 Ashford Independent members joined the Spring Supper in April and enjoyed a delicious meal at the Kings Head, Shadoxhurst. The Mayor, Winston Michael regaled the group  with stories from his exciting year as Mayor. 

Cllr Winston Michael – Former Major of Ashford raised £55,157  a record sum for the Mayor’s Charities including:

  • Wyvern School Foundation
  • Uprising Youth Projects




A parachute jump from 15k feet over Hampshire with 4 young people generated funds to buy a new school bus for the Wyvern School Ashford, named the Dream Maker. 

Other fund raising activities generated funds to buy a Panna Football Cage to take out and have fun in young peoples own backyards and build a huge patio area for children at the Stanhope Community Hub.
Winston is passionate about helping all young people regardless of their personal circumstances as you can read. And he has projects on the go for rough sleepers and the homeless, and the possibility of a cycle ride to Ashford twin Town Fougeres accompanied by disabled children.